CAEL Preparation Courses

CAEL has become a well-accepted Academic English test taken by a large number of international students who plan to study in Canada. On the other hand, the courses for CAEL preparation are extremely insufficient, and many test-takers are seeking the best-quality courses to help them.

E&E International Language Centre has a mission to help the international students in need of CAEL preparation, and we guarantee our course quality.

Currently, we provide one-on-one or one-on-two private tutoring for CAEL.

We will tailor the courses all based on students' current level and scores, and designing the best teaching frames to help you pass CAEL in the shortest time. 

Occasionally, we will have mini-class teaching available for test-takers. Please keep being informed by our Twitter or Facebook page.

To register the course, please contact us. (A registration fee of 25$ will be applied.)